Miopasso Fiano 2018

  • Name

    Miopasso Fiano

  • Company

    Santa Tresa

  • Italy

    Region: Sicily ( Vittoria )

  • Note


  • Grape

    Fiano (100%)

  • Vintage


  • Maturation in oak

    18 months in American oak barrels

  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Light Lemon green

  • Nose

    A medium smell intensity with primary aromas of; citrus, pear, peach, green and yellow apple, hints of tropical fruits like mango. secondary armos of; minerals, iron, oak and hints of honey

  • Palate

    Same luscious aromas on the palate with medium acidity and great mouthfeel. This dry white wine is very young, fresh and has great acidity.

  • Finish

    Medium long finish with citrus, tropical fruits and honey in the back.

  • Conclusion

    Aromatic and great nose that completes it with a great mouthfeel that will give you a fresh and sweet taste.

  • Goes great with

    Vegetarian food, shellfish, small dishes, vinger food.

  • Best served at

    14 -16 °C / 57 - 61 ºF

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