A.Zirnhelt Riesling 2016

  • Name


  • Company


  • France

    Region: Alsace

  • Note


  • Grape

    Riesling (100%)

  • Vintage


  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Medium Lemon green

  • Nose

    A fresh nose with lots of aromas as; lemon peal, green apple, jasmine secondary aromas of hints of petrol.

  • Palate

    On the palate the same fresh aromas noticeable. With a medium + acidity that gives it that freshness. Also noticeable with beeswax and apricot.

  • Finish

    Medium finish with lots of green apple and lemon peel. freshness and mouth coating mouthfeel.

  • Conclusion

    The smell and the taste of this riesling is fresh, fruity and with lots of lemon peal and green apple. The acidity and mouth coating of this riesling will keep you occupied for a while.

  • Goes great with

    Tuna, salmon, vegetables with asparagus.

  • Best served at

    10 - 12 °C / 50 - 54 ºF

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