Scriptorem Primitivo

  • Name

    Scriptorem Primitivo

  • Company


  • Italy

    Region: Puglia

  • Note


  • Grape

    Primitivo (100%)

  • Vintage


  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Medium Ruby red

  • Nose

    On the nose sweet red fruits like; red currant, plum, red cherries, lots of cassis, blackberries. Secondary aromas like; spices, hints of vanilla and cedar wood.

  • Palate

    On the palate we can taste its a young Primitivo with a bit more red fruits, red currant. Also some dark fruits like blackberries and lots of cassis. The medium strong tannins and high acidity makes the mouthfeel and body feels off.

  • Finish

    Medium long finish with cassis and red fruits. The acidity seems to linger and the mouthfeel feels thin.

  • Conclusion

    Its a full red but its feels very light and thin as a red wine. It lacks complexity, mouthfeel and balance. A mass produced Primitivo that doesn't give the satisfaction and value a country as Italy deserves.

  • Goes great with

    Pizza, pasta, hamburgers, poultry, beef

  • Best served at

    16- 18 °C / 61- 64 ºF

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