La Croix du Chevalier Bordeaux

  • Name

    La Croix du Chevalier 

  • Company

    Paul de Ville a Saint-Loubés 

  • France

    Region: Bordeaux ( Gironde )

  • Note

    Appellation Bordeaux Controlee

  • Grape

    Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

  • Vintage


  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Medium Ruby Red

  • Nose

    Primary aromas of:  Dark fruits as smashed ripe red cherries, red fruits as ripe plum and a hint of strawberries.  Some hints of violets and black pepper. 

  • Palate

    Same ripe aromas from the nose are on the palate with medium tannins and medium acidity.  The body on this bordeaux feels a bit thin compare to other bordeaux. 

  • Finish

    Medium finish with lots of black ripe cherries, plum and forest berries. Also some hints of black pepper. 

  • Conclusion

    This bordeaux blend with three different grape varieties doesn't make it very complex or exiting in your glass. Its presents itself a bit mediocre and got a lot of strong overwhelming ripe black cherries and peppery taste.  The balance in this particulate bordeaux is off but for this price we cant complain.  What can we expect if the price is this low.  Would drink or serve this bordeaux a bit more chilled like 16 degrees Celsius / 61 degrees Fahrenheit, this so that the peppery notes fades a bit more into the background.   

  • Goes great with

    Beef, Red meat, Lam, Wild, Poultry 

  • Best served at

    16  °C / 61  ºF

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