Gallo Family vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Name

    Gallo Family vineyards

  • Company

    Gallo Family vineyards

  • USA

    Region: California

  • Grape

    Cabernet Sauvignon(100%)

  • Vintage


  • Maturation in oak

    Had maturation in American oak barrels

  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Dark Ruby red

  • Nose

    Starts of with ripe red fruits: cherry, plum, raspberry, strawberry. Some soft oak on the nose with subtle vanilla and cederwood notes.

  • Palate

    The ripe fruits fill the mouth with a full body mouth feel, well balanced. Medium tannin’s with a good smooth maturation of the wood with soft vanilla, caramel, coffee notes . Balanced with rich blackberries and black currant notes. Medium acidity.

  • Finish

    Medium long with dark fruits and vanilla.

  • Conclusion

    Not much complexity but for the 6 euro your paying i am not complaining. I would buy this Gallo again and it goes great with red meet and some cheese. Prohibition had just ended. Ernest and Julio Gallo were traveling the country selling grapes from their family vineyard. But what they really wanted to do was start a winery. So they devoured books on winemaking in the local Modesto library and taught themselves the craft. Then they borrowed from Ernest’s mother-in-law, because that’s what families do. They help make dreams become a reality. And Ernest and Julio’s dream happened with the founding of the E. & J. Gallo Winery in 1933.

  • Goes great with

    BBQ meat, red meat, pasta, tapas.

  • Best served at

    16 - 18 °C / 61 - 65 ºF

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