Frontera 2019

  • Name


  • Company

    Concha Y Toro

  • Chili

    Region: Central Valley

  • Note

  • Grape

    Cabernet Sauvignon (85%) and Syrah (15%)

  • Vintage


  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Medium Ruby red with a purple rim

  • Nose

    Ripe red and dark fruits comes your way while you pore this red wine into your glass. Lots of primary aromas of: Cassis, ripe cherries, plum, raspberries. Secondary aromas of: Cacao and chocolate.

  • Palate

    Lots of jammy and ripe fruits with cassis and ripe cherries. Gives a good mouthfeel and if its settle in the glass you will get some secondary aromas of cacao and chocolate. Great medium tannins and acidity. This red wine is well balanced. Also a slight hint of black pepper because of the 15% Syrah.

  • Finish

    Medium + finish with ripe jammy fruits and hints of cacao and black pepper.

  • Conclusion

    Lots of jammy, ripe red and hints of dark fruits. The cassis is a bit overwhelming. But if you like these wines its definitely the one for you. The price for this wine is reasonable and worth what ya paying for. This red wine is well balanced and can go great with a lot of different styles of food. This is way i would recommend this wine as a good sipper and with food.

  • Goes great with

    Red meat, pasta, bbq meat, chicken, lam, tapas, game, poultry

  • Best served at

    16 - 18 °C / 61 - 64 ºF

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