Château Arnaucosse Bordeaux

  • Name

    Château Arnaucosse

  • Company

    Châteaux Arnaucosse

  • France

    Region: Bordeaux

  • Note

    Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée

  • Grape

    Merlot(46%) Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) Cabernet Franc (24%)

  • Vintage


  • Maturation in oak

  • Strength


  • Price


  • Colour

    Medium Ruby red with a purple rim

  • Nose

    A delicious dark fruits smelling nose with aromas of; Red plum, dark ripe cherries, black berries, black currant, blue berries and hints of violets. Secondary aromas; chocolate and toasted cedar wood hints of vanilla.

  • Palate

    Same aromas on the palate with structured tannins but medium + acidity. The dark fruits really dominate here same as the acidity.

  • Finish

    A medium long finish with lots of dark fruits, chocolate and acidity.

  • Conclusion

    For the price you paying a medium and well done Bordeaux. Nothing complex but still decent. The lovely smell of dark fruits in combine with the violets and hints of chocolate makes it very pleasant. a good mouthfeel and after decanting this Bordeaux the acidity seems to settle and the wine gives more stability.

  • Goes great with

    Lam, Beef, Dear, Wild, Poultry.

  • Best served at

    16 -18 °C / 61 -64 ºF

  • Decant

    30 minuts

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