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What can you find on this website

We will try and write you the best taste reviews about all sort of red wines, white wines, fortified wines and sparkling wines.

This all will be scored in our own opinion. But we would love to hear yours as well. 

Let us know what you think about the reviews we make by leaving a comment. 

We have a broth list of all know pronunciations  you could imagine about wine and wine related subjects. 

If you can’t find your word or pronunciation here let us know and we will try and integrate it with our website. 

We have all different kind of movies from the reviewed wine bottles. 

This all presented so you can see the wine bottle as a hole.

This is also enjoyed on Youtube at our own Youtube channel Godfathersofwine.



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Here you can talk about everything wine related. This all at one place under different kind of topics with all different kind of wine enthusiast.

Let us know you wine review and you best tasted wines. 

If you want a different topic you can add this in our forum. 

We will write you the best blogs for you to enjoy and learn from.

These blogs are all wine related. You will learn more about wine and the countries and region they come from. But also how to taste and enjoy wine better. 

Let us know what you would like to read more of and we will try and write about if in our future blogs.